Creative Leadership: 
Summer Masterclass 

Break free of feeling exhausted, undervalued and overwhelmed, with a program of summer masterclasses to radically improve your working life in 2022.  
Developed by specialist arts and creative career and leadership coach, Judith Bowtell.

Week 1 - Monday 21 February, 6pm AEST

Clarity - unpack the systemic challenges of working in the arts and creative sector, as well as health, education and the community. 

Week 2 - Monday 28 February, 6pm AEST

Confidence - uncover the foundations for an ideal working life, and how to be valued and respected.



Week 3 - Monday 7 March, 6pm AEST

Community - understand how to make sustainable positive change in your career, and develop a professional network of support.

Start 2022 with a positive step, by getting clear on what's holding you back from being valued and supported in your leadership and working life. 


"We need to understand that we are collectively carrying the combined baggage of internalised patriarchy, racism, ableism and homophobia, and other forms of systemic exclusion and oppression. 

Plus we are living in a world governed by the values of capitalism and neo-liberalism. 

We are well past the point where this has begun to erode our financial, mental and physical wellbeing, and ultimately our power to lead and make positive change." 

Judith Bowtell

Founder Albany Lane Consulting (2012)
Transpersonal Leadership and Career Coach 
Strategy, Policy and Government Adviser
Producer, Writer and Arts Manager 


About Judith Bowtell and Albany Lane

What our clients say...

I would highly recommend Judith Bowtell to teach, enhance and advance the leadership skills of any person in a position where they need to shoulder the responsibility of major decisions affecting staff, their business and an industry..

Yarmila Alfonzetti, Executive Producer, SA 

Judith encouraged the team to work together to consider our integral values and how we can work to ensure that these values are enacted in our everyday business operations.

Mia Patoulious, CEO, NSW

I like to think of myself as pretty self-aware, but Judith really pointed out my blind spots which gave me something to work on, and felt like a kind of release. It made me feel excited about what’s possible and what potentially lies ahead.

Libby Varcoe, Head of Design/Senior Executive, NSW

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Radically improve your working life and wellbeing in 2022



Join our summer masterclasses to support your creative work, especially in the arts, health, education and community sectors.